Working in the rain can cause slippery surfaces and limited visibility. However, steps can be taken to mitigate such hazards. The potential hazards present on a work-site can be exacerbated during inclement conditions such as rain.

Below are 5 tips on how to stay safe while working in the rain

Take Your Time
You may feel tempted to work faster in the rain, but DON’T. The rain makes surfaces and roads slick. Pay attention to your surroundings and move more slowly – especially if you’re using ladders or scaffolds.

Wear your rain gear
Rain gear includes both a raincoat and pants. Make sure the material is ventilated and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Don’t forget your hands and feet, you should wear gloves that have a strong non-slip grip and shoes with deep treads to prevent slipping.

See Clearly
If you wear safety goggles, spray them with an anti-fog spray to reduce low visibility. Also, you can wear a hat to safely keep the water out of your eyes.

Be Visible
Always wear high-visibility clothing to ensure that you are seen by fellow workers and bystanders.

Use the right tools
Never use tools that are not designed to be used outdoors while it is raining such as electrical equipment. Select hand tools that have a textured, non-slip grip.

Working in the rain presents several safety hazards; however, you can take steps to reduce your risk of accidents and injury. OHC believes prevention is better than the cure. When prevention doesn’t work, let us be the first call you make


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