Differences Between Composite Toe & Steel Toe Safety Shoes

The safety of every worker lies in his/her hand irrespective of the duty the company has to carry out in ensuring their employees safety. Understanding the differences between composite toe and steel toe safety shoes goes a long way in helping safety team decide which is best for the workers.

Safety shoes are usually not the best options to pick out, trust me they might seem like wearing a helmet on the foot but these days they have been fashioned into a very glamorous family of footwear that every engineer would love to wear. Safety Jogger shoes have been known to be so fashionable that workers could wear them off-site to public functions and events. You should see the link here for amazing & fashionable safety shoes by Paulvic Safety

There are basically two categories of safety shoes – The Composite Toe & The Steel Toe and we are about to share some of the differences between these two types of shoes.

The composite toed shoes are similar to the steel toed shoes but they are not the same, they are both designed to protect your toes and meet the same ANSI standards. As the name implies composite toe shoes have a type of material in them – These composite materials are usually a combination of PLASTIC, KEVLAR ARAMID FIBER AND CARBON FIBER.

Composite toe caps are usually lighter than steel boots and are completely metal free and therefore do not conduct electricity. Instead, they contain a composite material in the toe portion of the boots and the midsole

Steel toe caps offer more flat protection than composite toe caps and can essentially handle heavier weights above the basic safety requirement compared to composite toe caps. It is important to note however that unless you are in an exceptionally hazardous environment with the possibility of items with enormous weight falling on or piercing your toes, you’re unlikely to be in a situation where your composite toe cap is at a risk of shattering.

There is this common conception that steel toe caps make your safety footwear heavier and therefore uncomfortable. However, in recent times, safety footwear with steel toe caps has been created to be lightweight

When it comes to choosing between safety footwear that has a steel toe cap or composite toe cap, one of the major deciding factors will be the job and environment they are being used in. Both of these materials are great at protecting your feet and have their own unique properties which make them incredible protective materials.

It is important to assess your environment and employee needs before purchasing and supplying safety footwear.

There are a number of questions you should ask when choosing safety footwear to make sure that it is suitable for your environment, such as: Do you have security measures that involve you passing through metal detectors numerous times throughout the working day? Will you be working with heavy machinery? Will you be in danger of items falling on your feet? What is the level of protection you desire? What are the other properties your safety footwear must have? Answering these questions will help in making the right decision alongside with your basic understanding of the differences between composite toe & steel toe safety shoes

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