Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Safety Helmet On-Site

Working or visiting a site soon & wondering why you should wear a safety helmet on-site? Some Industry sectors where there is a risk of physical injury, particularly to the head, include but nto limited to construction, power, mining amongst several others.

Risks in these types of workplaces are ever-present, and employers try to mitigate the possibility of injuries occurring by managing a work environment well and providing personal protective equipment (PPE).

The role of a safety helmet on-site should not be under-estimated because first, risks can’t always be eliminated, especially from falling objects, which makes the use of safety helmets an important part of ensuring the safety of workers as much as possible. A site worker outfit is therefore not complete without a safety helmet. In this article we shall be sharing some of the importance of wearing a safety helmet on-site even if you are just visiting and regardless of how little you might be staying on-site.

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Safety Helmet

  • Protection Against Head Injuries: Safety helmets are designed specifically to provide protection to the workers from injury penetration, electric injuries and strong head impacts, which can be caused because of flying or falling objects. These safety helmets also provide protection against fixed objects and electrical conductors that may lead to injury.


  • Protection Against Slips and Fall: Wearing safety helmets while working in a liquid based FMCG or a chemical unit ensures that even if the work slips or falls accidentally the chances of causing a head injury will be minimal.


  • Increases Chances of Survival In Accidents: If a work unit faces accidental situations like rolling over of a truck or mishandling of any industrial equipment, in such scenario if workers is wearing safety helmet his chances of getting hurt will remain minimal


  • Provides Company Branding: Though the dress code at workshops is enough to let the other know of the organization or unit an employee is working for. Differentiated branding on safety helmets for each department helps in identifying them on a much broader level.


  • Provides Sun Protection: For construction site workers wide brim safety helmets are considered ideal as they provide adequate protection against harmful sun rays to the workers. This helps in reducing the chances of heat stroke and fatigue

No matter how hard the workers may find the task of wearing a hard hat throughout the day. Once they will get the hand of its many benefits and how the scenario has improved in recent years, they will be more than happy to wear safety helmets for improved protection at the worksite.

In-order to ensure compliance, any head protection provided on-site should be in good condition and thrown away if damaged. It should fit the worker and should be worn properly. If hearing protectors are also required, the safety helmet should not prevent these from being worn.

Perhaps most important of all, safety helmets should be sourced from a reputable supplier, as there are fake ones on the market that will not provide the protection required. Visit the Paulvic Safety Store here to explore available options and varieties of original safety helmets directly from global industry leading brands


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